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Hospital profitability is a problem—the supply chain paradigm is a major cause.

The Ennova Health Marketplace puts provider-led organizations in the procurement driver’s seat by connecting them directly to their manufacturers, eliminating multiple layers of middlemen.

Availability of product and fair pricing

Availability of product and fair pricing are both diminishing.

The current procurement process, with its many layers of middlemen, prevents hospitals from using the products they want to use. Physician-led organizations cannot stay competitive without the buying power of the giant health systems. Providers like you have been asking us for help, so we built Ennova Health.

A broken supply chain has been taking advantage of physicians for years.


Hospitals are not as profitable as they should be, or could be

Hospital Bag

There is a huge inability to get the supplies you need, for a fair price, when you need them


Provider-led organizations, like yours, lose money constantly to opportunistic supply chain partners

How it works

The Ennova Health Digital Marketplace connects organizations & physicians directly to product manufacturers & suppliers.

This new supply chain paradigm puts providers in control of their procurement once again.

Connecting organizations 
& physicians directly

How you could save?

The average savings Ennova provides for members across the following product categories.

General supply and PPE statistic
General Supply & PPE

average per product savings

Biologics statistic

average per product savings

Implants statistic

average per product savings

hospital’s savings potential

What could you save?

Wondering what your hospital’s savings potential could be?

Our team is equipped to synthesize your organization’s annual spend data and infer your actual savings opportunities.

Behind the Supply Chain Curtain

The supply chain is broken. The many invisible layers of suppliers, distributors, reps, and GPOs are all taking their slice, leaving hospitals to pay for it all. Ennova decided to take a closer look at what goes on behind the supply chain curtain.

One tissue bank sold one DBM putty product:

Supply Chain
In 100+ different branded boxes

In 100+ different branded boxes

Through 100+ different distributors

Through 100+ different distributors

With 100+ different price points

With 100+ different price points

Welcome to The Ennova Digital Marketplace

We provide our members three simple steps to savings.

1: Search
  • Search, filter, and clear product details
  • Supply comparison and assessment functions
  • Data-driven savings visibility
  • Helpful and simple user-friendly platform
2: Supply
  • Suppliers held to consistent data standards
  • Clinical product equivalency indications
  • Access to new, innovative products
  • Agnostic, available, competitive, money-saving supplies
3: Save
  • Direct supplier-to-hospital pricing
  • No middlemen upcharges
  • Power-in-numbers supply chain influence
  • Shipping visibility
  • 10-40% savings across your spend
You deserve to improve your profitability

Stand up for yourself

You deserve to improve your profitability and to choose the products that empower you to maintain your highest standard of care.

Ennova Health is here to help make it happen.

Discover your savings potential.

See how much you can save with the Ennova Health Marketplace.

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